Trackday Brand Identity Brand Guide Website Design Digital Assets

TRACKDAY ( is a platform providing a social community where motor enthusiasts can share their knowledge and experience in track racing, striving to amplify the integral community aspect of AM/Semi Professional Motorsport. TRACKDAY will allow people from beginners to experts to get access to people in the community who have already embarked on the journey and who want to share their experiences openly.

Our task was to make Trackday a trendsetter and pioneer in a huge industry of ‘Track Days’ that was yet to solve one problem.. and that was to build a community and a single place to showcase your Trackday events to not only your members, but possible new members. Through creating an attractive, fun and engaging brand presence, Trackday have positioned themselves at the front of the grid. Brand Design was only the starting point for this project, but through a recognisable icon design and colour palette, Trackday will quickly feel familiar for the regular motorsport enthusiast.

Fun and simple web design for an easy customer experience.

We were also tasked with bringing the brand to life. We wanted to design a website that was vibrant, informative and an exceptional customer experience to on-board new clubs and members. The TrackDay App that has been launched is the one stop community hub for event days (Track Days), community engagement and discussion, drivers and more.. TrackDay has solved a mutually experienced issue of bringing all the elements of a Track Day together, in one lap, and we are so proud to be able to help bring their dream to life. Visit the website below.